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I get asked this a lot: Why are you a Health Coach?

Updated: Aug 26, 2019

I was a Health Coach long before being certified. My friends and family often came to me for advice with respect to minor health issues and I was able to help them. I had always been curious about health and nutrition and when health issues started disrupting our family life, I started to spend more and more time reading books related to helping the body heal itself.

After years of visiting doctors who had no answers, I was able to solve the mystery of my hormonal imbalance by using nutrition as a source of healing.

The same thing happened after my gallbladder removal. My doctor had said there would be no digestive issues after the surgery. Well, 'far from the truth' is an understatement! Once again, I embarked on a new quest to find the solution to my digestive problems. After a few months I put together a new diet and found life saving products which still are a part of my daily life and my digestion no longer limits my life.

After these episodes and others I will tell you about the future, I decided I needed to have formal training to get certified so I would be able to help other people who need to be coached on how nutrition and lifestyle can be the cure to their health issues.

Since my certification, I have helped clients with their weight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high triglycerides, diabetes, sugar addiction, anxiety, depression, acne, autoimmune conditions and other ailments. In every case, all doctors could do was prescribe pharmaceuticals. I came in, teamed up with the client, created a plan that would not disrupt life but that aligned with the goals, provided the right accountability, offered support when needed and celebrated each win until the goals were met.

I now help others dream big. Once a client is able to reach a goal once considered unattainable, there are no limits for the future. A client may start working with me to release a few pounds. While doing so, energy skyrockets, confidence finds new grounds, goals and plans reach new levels and we then start working on education, career, finances, relationships, life purpose or that which is greater. Then, this client becomes walking proof that lifestyle changes are key to happier life.

If you are curious about the possibilities, book your 1 hour FREE consultation now.

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